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Jan Vindenes, Kjetting Jan

Jan Vindenes - The Founder

And General Manager

Jan Vindenes is known as Mr. Anchor & Chain after 30 years in the industry. He started working at his fathers local scrap trading company in 1992 and made the company world famous. His Anchor & Chain handbook was printed in 75,000 copies and is in daily use within the whole maritime sector. In Norway he became an legend when he loaded a truck with 25 tons of chains and dumped it at the tax collector as payment for his capital tax.

In 2016 he made the world first Pokemon Go statue and made a video that was published all over the world from REUTERS, REDDIT and hundreds of others. In 2020 he raised a whale monument in his hometown Vindenes, at Sotra, to honor the “plastic whale” that stranded on the beach just 50 meter from his house. 
SKY NEWS made a documentary with Mr Vindenes to focus the problem with plastic in ocean, aired worldwide in 160 countries.

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2 Tones Pokemon Statue

Sotra had a problem: Pokemon Go had forgotten about this island in Norway. We had not a single pokemon stop in kilometers... But the Norwegian businessman Jan Vindenes had the perfect solution in mind for this problem.


Plastic Whale Monument

The whole Norway was shocked upon the discovery of a dead whale in the coast of Vindenes. The unusual discovery was to find it's cause of death: Plastic. 
Upon the shock of the incident local artist and businessman Jan Vindenes...


Dumping Chains in the Tax Office

General Manager Jan Vindenes protests against punitive Norwegian fortune tax by intending to pay it in chains. Kjetting Jan drops several tones of chain in the tax office with the corresponding value of his taxes, shocking the whole Norway.



Art Exhibition

We have prepared our new piece of art related to Kjetting Jan.

Sales Manager Needed

We are still in need of a new Sales Manager near Bergen.

Nationality Day Cellebrations

We are preparing special cellebrations regarding Norway's National Day.

Subsea Cable Laying

We are including in our stock list a new set of equipment we are acquiring.

OTD Energy

We have been invited to join once more the trade show at OTD Energy.

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