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Facts and History about Castle Hills


Castle Hills is the newest company of the legendary Jan Vindenes "Kjetting Jan" who is building a 30+ years legacy in industry. After growing independent from the family firm, Castle Hills was born.

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Head Office


Ågotnes, Sotra
- Headquarters
South Asia


San Juan, Manila
- Offices
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- Office & Workshop


1300 - 1900:   Strile People

1900s - The Peak of the relevance of the Strile People
In the 1900s the Strile People peaked in population, maintaining the 600 years lasting Stril Trade Route that supplied fish to the city of Bergen, directly from the cold seas of Sotra.
1300s - The Origin and Heritage of the Strile People, our people
Strile People refer to humble and hard working fishermen and sailors who lived in the island of Sotra and nearby. We can trace 13 generations of hard working Strils, up to Rasmus Vindenes.

1960 - 1970:    Hard Times

1970s - A Freight Ship named Mona joins the Vindenes Family
Life in Norway was hard at the time, and one fishing boat wasn't enough. Karl Olai acquired a freight ship and gave it the name "Mona" this boat was essential for bringing food to the family.
1960s - A Humble, Hard Working Family dedicated to Fishing
On the times of Jan's Grandfather the family worked in fishing. Thanks to owning a fishing boat, Karl Olai Vindenes he could feed his 11 siblings, after the early death of his father.

Present:   Breaking Records

2022 - Delivering over 2000 tones of Chain to Rescue a Tanker Ship
In the year 2022 Castle Hills made a historic international delivery: More than 2000 tones of chain delivered to rescue giant tanker ship of class FSO, with the value of thirty millions.
2023 - Building The Castle - A new Head Office for Castle Hills
Our Family has been famous since the Middle Ages for building castles, like the Audunsborg Castle. We wanted to build a new one. The construction of the new castle began in 2023.

2010 - 2020:   Rise to Fame

2020 - Norwegian Prime Minister and TV visits Jan Vindenes' Monument
After discovering the dead "plastic whale" in 2017, a shocking sign of ocean pollution, 3 years later Jan built a monument as a reminder. This event was omnipresent in television.
2017 - Dumping 25 Tones of Chains in the Tax Office
The rise to fame of Jan Vindenes began way earlier than 2017, but this year shocked global newspapers for his particular protest against wealth tax: Paying tax with 25 tones of ship chain.

1980 - 2010:   A Family Firm

1980s - The Vindenes Family starts it's own Corporation
With the sudden rise of the Oil & Gas Industry, an extremely high demand for maritime equipment made suppliers very profitable. Because of this, Jarle, Jan's father, decided to join the market.
2010s - Strong Presence in the maritime market
After half a lifetime in the maritime industry, the Vindenes' Family Firm, was unmistakeably an expert and leading supplier of maritime equipment for ships and offshore rigs.

1100 - 1300:   The Origins

1300s - Our Family's Castle and our Ancestors in Nobility
Our obsession with building castles began around 700 years ago. Our ancestor, the Duke of Iceland,  Audun Hugleiksson built our first castle, the Audunsborg Castle, near Bergen.
1260s - Reign of Magnus VI Haakonsson, our Relative
The Legacy of our family can be traced back to Magnus VI, King of Norway, and one of our family relatives. He was called "The Legislator" for enacting an array of legal changes in the nation.
1200s - The oldest known ancestors of the Vindenes Family
Hugleik from Ålhus was a noble with the title of "Lord" and was a prominent businessman and magnate with over 30 farms in Jølster, Norway. He lived in the Court of the King Håkon Håkonson.
1100s - Post Viking Era in Sotra, our parent island
After the Fall of the Vikings, our ancestors in Sotra focused on fishing and farming. Large stone monuments are kept from this time, and their purpose is still uncertain.


Head Office


Corporate Office Complex

The Castle. More than 8 offices and common rooms, as well as an events hall and different departments.

Warehouse & Industrial Workshop

3 Large rooms for storaging maritime equipment, tools and machinery for daily operations, and for repair.
Large outdoor space for deliveries.